Shimano Oval sticker


Shimano logo in the style of the old Campagnolo logo

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Something to tweak the Campagnolo purists. There used to be a “Campy only” website where Campagnolo snobs could congregate and look down their noses at everyone else. I am reminded of the words of Belbo, a character in Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum: Ma gavte la nata, that is “please remove the cork,”

You say it to one who is full of himself, the idea being that what causes him to swell and strut is the pressure of a cork stuck in his behind. Remove it, and phsssssh, he returns to the human condition.

The Campagnolo logo that this is based on originally had the text “PRODOTTI SPECIALI” (specialty products) in the blue ring, but that would just be four characters in Japanese (特殊製品, we can argue about how best to translate “specialty”), which seemed too austere. A similar Campagnolo logo had the text “Brevetti Internazionali” (international patents), so I added the Japanese equivalent for that (国際特許) to the lower half of the blue ring.

Measures 11 × 8 cm

Dimensions 11 × 8 × 0.1 cm